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Rugged Urban Classic Chic is a luxury brand for men focused on quality, comfort, and style. Inspired clothes from fashion-forward smart thinking professionals, our sleek and toned lines contours to businessmen who appreciate quality work that is unique and reliable.  


Each piece is of the best quality from tri-blend to fleece. Sustainability is essential, and RUCC designs to deliver.


 Our urban style represents every aspect of professional men who want a sportier classic and elegant style with casual wear.


RUCC knows feeling good yields a higher performance at a higher level. Wearing RUCC is not just a trend or a brand. RUCC aspires to make professional men look and feel amazing as they take on the world. Professionals dreaming of a better life through authenticity and Timeless style, RUCC is for you. 


Exclusively join the RUCC WAY. It's a Limited Edition.


Be unique. Dream big dreams believe that nothing is impossible. Stay passionate, work hard, take risks, love what you do, and never compromise as you aspire to be the best.


-The RUCC Way 

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